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Smart way to live long life

Smart way to live long life

How to choose the right supplement as a gift

How to choose the right supplement as a gift

Christmas is coming. The approaching holiday season is a time of family and friendly gatherings. It is also a time when many of us like to enjoy mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and Christmas cookies. We know that everyone practices different Christmas traditions, but what we have in common during the Christmas period is that we want to show love and care to our loved ones. Christmas is the opportunity to give our loved ones gifts that help them live their best lives. If we choose a supplement as a gift, we contribute to our loved ones´ health. This can help remind them how important and special they are to us. After all, a healthy life means more years of life and more time and joy with our loved ones. That is why we have put together a guide to help you choose the perfect supplement gifts for your friends and family.

Article at a glanc:

  1. Which supplement to choose for whom?
  2. Choose a supplement based on individual needs
  3. User-friendly supplement
  4. Subscription as a gift
  5. Vitamin D3 and K2
  6. Daily F20 Complex
  7. Omega-3
  8. Essential Supplementation Package
  9. Magnesium & Zinc
  10. Other gift ideas that can support health of your loved ones

Which supplement to choose for whom?

Sometimes it can seem difficult to choose a suitable gift for family members who are much older or much younger than us. We may not have common interests with people who are outside our age group and we often struggle with choosing the perfect gift for them. Fortunately, quality food supplements are suitable for people across different age. For example, vitamin D & vitamin K2 or Omega-3 fatty acids are supplements that almost everyone needs.

Choose a supplement based on individual needs

We can also think about specific health problems our loved ones are suffering from, what life situation they are in and what nutrients would support them the most. So we will let our loved ones know that we care about their life and the gift will be more meaningful to them.

For example, if you want to give a present to someone who needs an energy boost due to high workload, demanding university schedule, increased mental or physical activity, choose magnesium. If you are choosing a gift for parents with small children who often suffer from various diseases, buy a supplement that supports their immunity. This can be a high-quality multivitamin complex, vitamin D or zinc.

User-friendly supplement

Have you already chosen the right supplement gift? Then you can think about the form that will suit the recipient the most. The liquid form with a dropper is more popular, but it can be more tricky to determine the exact dose. On the other hand, capsules offer precise dosing, but they can be more difficult to swallow. If you know that the person you want to give the supplement gift does not like to swallow capsules, choose liquid drops.

Subscription as a gift

If you are looking for a bigger gift and you are sure that the selected supplement is the right choice, we recommend purchasing a supplement subscription, which has many advantages. Thanks to the subscription, the recipient does not have to worry about restocking and about running out of the product. Especially elderly parents will not have to spend money on more expensive supplements and will appreciate the fact that they receive their favorite supplements regularly without ordering or picking them up (if you choose home delivery). This will help increase the efficiency of the functional use of the donated supplement. Plus, as part of your subscription, you'll save 15% on each order. By signing up for a subscription, you are not committing to anything, you can modify the subscription as per your choice, change the regularity of delivery or cancel it completely.

Vitamin D3 and K2

A large majority of us suffer from a lack of vitamin D especially during winter, which is why this supplement is suitable for almost everyone. Vitamin D supports the proper functioning of the immune system, participates in the process of cell division and keeps our teeth and bones healthy. Vitamin D is recommended to be combined with synergistically acting vitamin K2, which supports bone health by directing the deposition of calcium into teeth and bones. This prevents the deposition of calcium in soft tissues and the calcification of blood vessels.

Daily F20 Complex

These days, even a high-quality and varied diet is unfortunately not enough to ensure the optimal amount of all the necessary nutrients. That is why the Multivitamin Daily F20 Complex was created. Its goal is to complete the most deficient nutrients that are missing in our society. This multivitamin combines 20 substances - 14 vitamins and 6 minerals and their proportions were designed to support the nutritional potential of the entire complex.


Omega-3 fatty acids belong to the most deficient nutrients in our society. Some of these acids are essential and must be obtained from food. However, the modern way of life and the diet associated with it are depriving us of these important nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial in maintaining overall health, from birth to old age. They contribute to the proper development of the nervous system, brain and vision, maintain normal heart activity and cognitive functions and, last but not least, regulate inflammatory processes in the body. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which contributes to the healthy development of the brain and eyes is essential during pregnancy, breastfeeding and during childhood. For adults, the combination of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA has an anti-inflammatory and preventive effect on a number of civilization diseases.

Essential Supplementation Package

We also offer a package of "Essential supplementation" for 2 months, which combines key Omega-3 nutrients with the Daily F20 multivitamin. This package is suitable for anyone who cares about prevention and wants to support the organism with important nutrients that are missing in our modern diet.

Magnesium & Zinc

Magnesium is an important intracellular mineral that participates in more than 350 biochemical reactions in the body and is needed for energy production. It is excessively depleted in case of long-term stress or during regular sport activities and its deficiency is unfortunately quite common today. Magnesium supplementation can help, for example, in the case of muscle spasms, fatigue and exhaustion or insomnia.

Zinc can also support the immune system during colds, cough or flu. Its deficiency is quite common and can manifest itself by a higher susceptibility to infectious diseases, poor wound healing or loss of taste and smell. Zinc is therefore definitely one of the supplements that should be kept at home and used in case of an acute illness. Furthermore, zinc contributes to maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. Last but not least, it supports fertility and the reproductive system. Zinc is also needed for the formation and mobility of sperm. If you are choosing a gift for a sexually active man, zinc will be a good choice for him.

Other gift ideas that can support health of your loved ones

If you did not find a suitable gift among the offered tips, you can consider other alternatives that promote health and help keep body and mind in a good condition. Since health is also related to our mind, choose gifts that will help to calm the distracted mind and alleviate the ever-present stress. You can consider a voucher for a massage, an experience course (for example, singing-course, painting-course, sewing-course, woodworking-course or any other that would suit your loved one's interests). You can also motivate physical activity by buying new sports clothes or a yoga mat. And if a new modern yoga mat will not motivate people to practice yoga, its versatile use will certainly find utilization elsewhere (children can use it when building bunkers or your dog can use it instead of bed).And finally, a gift that never fails is a good book.

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