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Smart way to live long life

Smart way to live long life

New formula of our favorite combination of magnesium with zinc and vitamin B6

New formula of our favorite combination of magnesium with zinc and vitamin B6

The specially formulated blend of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 was one of the first supplements of the Trime portfolio. It quickly gained popularity and became a best-selling product. We are continually improving the composition of our supplements and now we are pleased to introduce another successfully upgraded formula of Magnesium, Zinc + B6.

Article at a glanc:

  1. Why did we adjust the formula?
  2. Why is the new formula better?
  3. Improved composition of so-called additives

Why did we adjust the formula?

After a couple of years on the market, we have gained enough experience and can afford to follow the path of uncompromising quality. We are gradually expanding our portfolio and continue to improve our existing premium formulas. We believe that the customer is finally not afraid to pay more for higher quality and will therefore appreciate the changes towards uncompromising quality despite the slightly higher price.

Why is the new formula better?

It contains a better ratio between magnesium and zinc for long-term preventive use. We have reduced the zinc content so that the amount meets the needs of most people, or does not result in unnecessarily high zinc intake. This is particularly beneficial in situations where we need to take more magnesium for a longer period of time, which is the case for most people. It is then possible to safely increase the daily dose of magnesium, zinc + B6 without skewing the ratio between the individual minerals.

Long-term zinc deficiency has an undesirable effect on the human body, but only a few people realize that long-term increased intake is equally undesirable. High doses of zinc competitively inhibit the bioavailability of iron and copper in particular (iron and copper absorption may be impaired) and have a negative effect on, for example, immune cells, which then show changes similar to those observed by zinc deficiency. For dietary supplements that are not personalized for your individual needs but are intended for so-called prevention, it is preferable to stick to the so-called lower reference range for preventive supplementation.

If we do not know our actual dietary zinc intake and at the same time we are not sure whether our body has increased requirements for zinc (e.g. due to specific dietary direction, illness, extreme physical stress, etc.), it is worth supplementing with zinc in a sensible way and saving the higher doses for occasions of acute increased need (periods of illness, staying in "immune challenging terrain" such as an airport, etc.). This is the purpose of our product Zinc Chelate 15 mg with copper.

Zinc intake requirements are individual and not everyone needs to supplement high doses as part of basic supplementation. We know from research that most of our customers who take Trime Magnesium, Zinc + B6 supplementation also take Trime Multivitamin Daily F20 or other zinc containing supplements. So the logical step was to adjust the ratios between magnesium and zinc so this formula could be safely taken regularly, even in a combination with a varied diet or a multivitamin.

We abandoned the mixture of two forms of magnesium (magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium citrate) and replaced it with pure bisglycinate - one of the most bioavailable and absorbable forms of magnesium. While the elemental magnesium content will be slightly reduced, overall the formula will be more effective.

Improved composition of so-called additives

Capsulizing dietary supplements is often not an easy discipline, and technologists or pharmacists could tell you how much they dislike replacing their favorite additives in manufacturing.

Unfortunately, we don't like many of the additives that suit technologists. The reason is that they are far away from what we consider optimal in terms of nutrition and long-term intake.

Trime doesn't want to produce just ordinary food supplements, we want to make the most faithful copy of natural foods. Simply, what we as humans have taken from the soil and therefore from our food, we put back in a form as natural as possible in our supplements. That's why we strive to produce our supplements without potentially harmful additives and seek alternatives from the food category whenever possible.

In our innovative formula, the traditional plant fibre capsule is enriched with silica derived from rice husks, which we use as an alternative to commonly used fillers and chemical stabilizers. These minor innovations help us gain important experience in supplement production. The aim is to move our supplements more and more towards food.

Author: Jakub Přibyl

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